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24kgの衝撃 -- 24-kg Impact



Fitnessshopに色々マッチョ系雑誌が売られている。旧店舗ではもっとMascle & Fitnessのバックナンバーが充実していたのだが、今はぐっと絞られており残念である。Ironmanというやつ、表紙がキモイので見たことがなかったのだが、マイク・マーラーのケトルベルトレーニングだかなんだかという文字が目に入ったので、手に取った。あまりのひどい誤訳に眩暈がした。ミリタリープレス、レネゲイドロウ、フロントスクワットがそれぞれ連続写真で紹介されているが、タイトルは全てミリタリープレスである。もう翻訳の問題でなく、一度でも読者の立場になって読み直せば(というか見れば)わかるはず。プロとしての自覚が足りねぇ。

Off on Sat and Sun. (Wine and dine on Sat for a wedding party of my friend.)

I found a 12-kg kettlebell at Oshman's, Shinjuku on Sat. Because it was early morning and almost vacant, I trid snatches a bit. "Wow! Light!!" Felt like a feather. "Only 4-kg difference makes this? Wiat... I am thinking to get a 24kg. 24-16 = 8kg. How will it be??" 32kg is beyond my imagination.

Stopped off at Fitnessshop, Suidobashi, on Sat. There are 16kg and 24kg. I tried 24kg. Swings: no problem, a Snatch up: somehow, and then the Snatch down: what an impact it is! The arm almost goes off and skins get pealed off. Passed left due to the elbow pains. Cannot imagine Snatches with 32kg...

Finnessshop sells a lots of bodybuilding-type magazines. I have never read "Ironman" because the cover photos made me sick. But this time, I found words "Mike Mahler's Kettlebell Training", and of course had a look. I almost fainted because of its terrible translation. If only editors checked the dfart even 20 secs, they could have found the mistakes. They call all of "Military Presses", "Regegade Rows", "Front Squats" as "Military Presses". Be a professional! If you pay, I will do better taranslation, comrades!
夏休みの準備 - Preparation for Summer Vacation
ストロングな兄さんたちの真似はできないと思い、Kettlebellを買う前に米国出張に行った同僚に頼んだのが、"Misfit's Kettlebell Basix" by Melissa Beaver と "The Kettlebell Goddess Workout" by Andrea Du Cane だ。


明日から夏休みでしばらくケトルベルとはお別れだ (泣)

Night, July 25th, 2008

16-kg Kettlebell
Snatch: L/R 10/10-10/10-10/10-7/7

Tried to use glutes, to open palms at the top, and to feel where on palm the handle at the top.
I stopped at the 7th rep of set 4 because I felt palm skins slided. If I continue, they could have broken.

Transcoding not-watched Kettlebell DVDs for PSP. Try to watch all during vacation.
As I thought I cannot go with strong men, I asked my collegues who was going to leave for a US business trip to bring back following DVSs by female instructors.
"Misfit's Kettlebell Basix" by Melissa Beaver
"The Kettlebell Goddess Workout" by Andrea Du Cane

Not yet watched Goddess. If I show and say to my wife "you will get this body shape with kettlebell traing", she will jump to it. But I do not think she cannot get the bust no matter how hard she try, and then she complains... Anyway, one thing sorry for this DVD is there is no Snatch. Melissa shows just one rep on the beach for the opening shot. She snatches with arts, not power. So I really want her to teach me.

Leaving for summer vacation, so have to say good-bye to my sweet little 16 for 9 days.
夏休みは田畑プロトコルでキメ! - Best Training during Summer Vacation: Tabata Protocol
以前憧れのクロスフィットのWebをうろついていた時、Tabata Squat という耳慣れない種目が出てきた。でもタバタって日本語っぽい。海外のサイの情報によると、日本のナショナルチームのトレーニングのために田畑博士が考え出した、有酸素運動能力も無酸素運動能力も高めるというトレーニング手法でらしい。その後、タイケイさんのブログでも紹介されているのを発見。"tabata protocol"で検索すると海外のサイトでたくさん取り上げられているが、"田畑プロトコル"で検索してもあまりヒットしない。東芝のフラッシュメモリーみたいな感じである。








Morning, July 24, 2008

Kettlebell 16kg

Double-handed Swing: 30-30-30
Single-handed Swing: L/R 15/15-15/15
Snatch: L/R 10/10-7/7-5/5
Bent Over Row: L/R 5/5-5/5-5/5

Morning, July 25, 2008

KAATSU Arm Warming-up
- Clench-and-unclench hands: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)
- Curl: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)
- Extension: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)

KAATSU Arms Training
- DB Curl 1.5kg: 30-15-10 (10-sec rest between)
- DB Lateral Raise 1.5kg: 20-15-10 (10-sec rest between)
- Overhead Triceps Push: 1.5kg: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)

KAATSU Leg Training
- Clench-and-unclench toe: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)
- Toe-up and heel-up: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)

KAATSU Leg Training
- BW Squat: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)
- BW Calf Raise: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)
- BW Lunge: 30-24-20 (10-sec rest between)
(15-12-10 for each side)

Kettlebell 16kg

Double-handed Swing: 30-30-30
Single-handed Swing: L/R 10/10-10/10
Snatch: L/R 3/3-3/3-3/3

When I checked the yearning CrossFit web resouces, I ran into the alien phrase "Tabata Squat". Tabata sounds like Japanese. I checked several sites and found that it was introduced by Dr. Tabata, Japan. He developed this for Japan National Skate Team. This method enhance both aerobic and anearobic abilities in the same time. Later, I found it was introduced at Taikei's blog. Famous in the world, but not much in Japan. This reminded me of Toshiba flash memory.

8 sets of 20-sec sprint with 10-sec rests between sets. Summed up, 3 minutes and 50 seconds; wow, so short!

Self Trial Result (1.5 months ago)

Tabata Sprint: At school yard in neighborhood. At the four set, almost died... Not able to do real sprint, then. Even 80-90% speed will do for usual people.

Tabata Squat: High-speed body weight squats. I set the timer in G-SHOCK as 10 sec repeat. A CrossFit video shows a medicine ball under butts. This might be to avoid impacts to knee joints at full bottom, which may cause troubles. So I did half squats (I do not have a medicine ball.) Swing straight extended arms forward(standing) and backward (sitting). In my case, about 22 reps for 20 sec (The later, the less due to fatigue). Since I lost how many sets I did frequently, I place 4 small objects in left, move one of them to right one set finishes, and right to left from set 5. When four of them return to left, completed. Yes, it is hard, too. But by far more moderate than sprints.

Of course, three-minute or so warming up to raise the hart bit rate and cooling down are mandatory. Yet, it finishes in 10 minutes.

With Tabata Squat, no special equipment or large space is needed. So the best training during the summer vacation. We cannot excuse "no time for training" any more.

Thanks, Dr. Tabata! Bravo! (I have not confirmed the result yet, though.)
ダンベルでケトルベル種目をやってみた -- Kettlebell Menu with Dumbbell






■ミリタリープレス追記: ボトムでケトルベルの場合ラックポジションに置けるが、ダンベルはそうはいかないので、ケトルベルの方がやりやすい、ということかも。(Sep 23, 2008)



Night, July 23, 2008

Barbell Dead Lift from 6" height
100kg: 2 reps
90kg: 5-5
80kg: 5-5
Seems 100kg is almost RM1 to me.

Sandbag Roundhouse Kick
R/L: 17/17

I intented to go back to home and do kettlebell training, but went to bed and woke up in the next morning.

Taikei's Japanese Blog presented "Why Use Kettlebells", which is really interesting. I tried some items with a 16-kg dumbbell, which is equivalent weight to my kettlebell.

Double-handed Swing
I used to do before I met Kettlebell. For safety, need to use fixed-weight dumbbell and make sure the bells are fixed tightly to the handle (I have seen hexagon bolts loosen in some hotel fitness room.) Hold one end of a dumbbell and swing as kettlebell style. The body trunk movements feel quite similar to kettlebell's to me. Kettlebell is easier because five fingers are used to grip the handle while dumbbell requires four fingers except thumbs hooking on.

Single-handed Swing
I also did this quite a lot before the kettlebell era started. The body trunk movements feel quite similar to kettlebell's like double-handed. I kept the handle parallel to toe-to-toe line. This time, I tried 45-degree pronation at the bottom of the swings, but it never worked. The torque around arm axis is too strong because of two heavy objects away from the center of gravity with dumbbell. So better to keep the handle parallel to toe-to-toe line.

Dumbbell Snatch
We catch the kettlebell with locked-out knees, the highest position. So it is similar to Barbell Power Snatch catching at high position rather than Barbell Snatch catching at squat position. My used-to-do dumbbell snatch was to do explosive vertical lift from floor to top. This time, I tried big single-handed swing to top. It is easier than kettlebell's because no need for any arm/hand skills. The similar feelings in the body trunk, so this might be good for supplemental item for kettlebell snatch. No 45-degree twist at bottom, same as single-handed swings. I was cowardly enough not to try two bells in both hands, which may kill the knees with blow.

Barbell Jerk
My understanding of Olympic lift common movements are as follows.
-Explosive lift of heavy objects, which cannot be lifted with slow movement,
-Around the point the velocity gets zero, quickly sink the body under the barbell with locked upper body and squated legs,
-and catch!
Barbell, as the name goes, is with a bar connecting two hands. It is easy to understand how to sink the body with sliding the grips around the bar. Better to try with a broomstick, plastic bar, and then standard bar without plate, Olympic bar without plate. It is critical to keep safe.

Military Press
I need to lean my back to uncomfortable point with heavy weight. Seems bad to the lower back. Taikei said kettlebell is easier than dumbbell. I cannot judge without further practices (currently, no press because of elbow pains). With single-hand press, it is easy to me to keep the kettlebell on the sidebone line because I can twist my torso. How about with double-handed?

Barbell Front Squat
I made this item for squats instead of back squat (in short training history). The Back Squat requires forward tilting of upper body, which causes stress on the lower back. On the other hand, I have to keep upright position to keep the barbell on proper position; this result less stress to lower back. The weight is lighter than Back Squat's, but I do not care. I am not a competitive lifter. Kettlebell Front Squat is not a power training, but enhance the mobility and flexibility around hip joints. This sounds attractive to me.

Renegade Row
This is not introduced on Taikei's entry this time, but I did this with dumbbells.
-Hold dumbbells with each hand.
-Align the posture like push-ups with the handles parallel.
-Row each arm.
-Lock the supporting arm and thrust it straight as if driving a pile
This works so hard to core balance, so I almost forget about arms or lats. If the bar of the dumbbell is loosen, it is hard to keep balance. I almost sprained my lists with falling off. Kettlebells usually have flat bottom, but can be dangerous with any not-vertical power. Never tried with Kettlebells because I just have one.
加圧トレーニング開始 -- KAATSU Training Getting Started

実は加圧ブームより前、5年程前にPhenix社の加圧トレーニング専用ウェア カーツ (現在はゼノアという会社に譲渡)を買ってトレーニングしていたことがあったのだが、既にバンドは伸びているし、ウェアも穴が開いているので今度は本家の方で新調。





Morning, Jul 22, 2008

- Station cycling: 3 minutes w/ arm and shoulder stretching

Hindu Push-up: 15-10

KAATSU Arm Warming-up
- Clench-and-unclench hands: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)
- Curl: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)
- Extension: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)

KAATSU Arms Training
- DB Curl 4kg: 30-15-10 (10-sec rest between)
- Triceps Pull Down: 15kg: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)
- DB Lateral Raise 4kg: 20-15-10 (10-sec rest between)

KAATSU Leg Training (forgot warm-up!)
- BW Squat: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)
- BW Calf Raise: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)
- BW Lunge: 30-20-16 (10-sec rest between)
(15-10-8 for each side)

Since I enjoyed kettlebell training too much, I almost forgot I got a set of KAATSU Belts one day before Taikei's workshop. KAATSU (literally, to add pressure) Training is in for two years or some in Japan because some showbiz people introduced. The patents has established in US, EU, and Japan. Using belts on proximal parts of limbs to limit blood stream. Actually, I got KAATSU Training Wear by Phenix before the boom, five years ago (Phenix convey the right to another company, Zenoa). The wear got worn out, so I decided to get new one from KAATSU trainer this time.

KAATSU Training
- Effective to grow muscles with lower weights, which means
lower stress to joints
- Found a blog a serious trainee with 20-year experience
in resistance training is using
- Used for rehab; maybe good for my elbow tondinosis

Above reasons makes me decide to go for KAATSU.

It really pumps especially arms. Legs are easy? No. I cannot 30-20-10 lunges for each legs, which prescribed by the trainer. Ugly dot hemorrhage on arms after the training made me sick, but it will decrease when capillary vessels get stronger.

For a while, I will build the training program with following items:
- KAATSU Training for arms and legs
- Hindu push-ups for shoulders and chests
- Dead Lifts for lower back
- Pull-ups for upper back, but I cannot do because of lack strength.
Considering either or combine of kipping like CrossFit,
jumping pull-ups, focusing negative using a stool, or
supported with a lubber band.
- Last but not least, kettlebell training. Of course.

I was going to train with kettlebell tonight, but a sudden dinner interrupts. Hope it is not with heavy drink...
ケンさんがリンクしてくれた -- Ken Linked to His Blog
Jul 21, 2008: トレーニング休み -- Off

RKC ケンさんからメールが来て彼のブログにリンクしてくれたそうだ。名誉なり。

Ken mailed and told he linked my blog to him. Wow! What a honer! I would like to meet him soon.

The Other Side of Strength
新メニュー考案中 -- Programming New Menu
Jul 19, 2008


16-kg KB Swing (Double-handed): 20-20
16-kg KB Swing (Single-handed): L/R 10/10-10/10
16-kg KB Snatch: L/R 5/5-5/5-5/5

Stop Cleans for a while due to pains in the left elbow.


Jul 20, 2008



16-kg KB Turkish Get Up: L/R 2/2
16-kg KB Swing (Double-handed): 20-20-20
16-kg KB Swing (Single-handed): L/R 15/15-15/15
16-kg KB DARC Swing: 30
16-kg KB Snatch: L/R 6/6-6/6-6/6
16-kg KB Military Press: L/R 5/5-5/5
Body Wight Hindu Pushup: 10 (!)

In a process of seeking the basic menu to get away from the elbow pains. No bench press, so try body weight Hindu Push-ups. Felt slight stress at the left shoulder, so quit with 10 reps (so weak...). Try and error for a while.
身体感覚(?) -- Body Awareness
サクラメントのケンさんのところへお邪魔した時の雑談。ケンさんがインストラクターを務めたタイケイさんの新宿でのケトルベルワークショップにて、京都からいらした方のスナッチが無駄な力を一切使っていずとても綺麗だった、と話したところ、彼のBody Awarenessは素晴らしい、とケンさん。ワークショップで本人にお聞きしたところ、ケトルベル歴はまだ2か月だそうですが学生の時に日本拳法をやっていたとか。日本でも数年来言われている身体感覚や身体操作が優れているのでしょう。私は運動神経が良くなく、そういうものが欠如していますが、スウィングを通じて体と対話することで感覚を育てたいと思います。

When we had free talkes at Ken's, Sacramento. I memtioned that a guy from Kyoto performed very natural Snatch movements without any unnecessary powor at Taikei's workshop at Shinjuku, which Ken instracted. Ken was also impressed by him; "his body awareness was so wonderful", Ken said. When I at the workshop asked the guy, he told his kettlebell career is just two months to my surprise. He belonged to a Japanese martial arts club at college, which I believe the base of his excellent body awareness. I am not gifted in sports, but I will wake-up my body awareness through the conversations with my body with basic kettlebell swings.
安全なデッドリフト -- Safe Dead Lifts
米国出張の戦利品のDragondoor社のDVDの一つ、Secrets of Core Training: "The Back Side" に安全なDead Liftの方法があった。このDVD、まだWebには載っていないが紙のカタログには出ている。欲しいけど買えるのか?と聞いたらほかの商品と一緒に発送してくれた。チャートがなく、おしゃべりと実演なので、英語力からしてまだ完全に理解できていない。が長年の疑問であった沈み込みに伴う骨盤の後傾(背骨下部が曲がる原因)などにも触れられており参考になった。床からのDLは背骨下部の曲がりとストレスが嫌で超軽量のままであった。バーベルを15cm高のブロックに乗せてみたところよい感じで、個人的には今までで一番重い重さに挑戦してみた。最後の方で疲れてくるとまだ姿勢が悪くなるが、よい感じである。

Lat Pull Down: 40kg*8reps/ 35*9/ 35*8/ 30*9
Seated Row: 45kg*13reps/ 45*12/ 45*10/ 45*8
Dead Lift (15-cm height Block): 80kg*10reps/ 80*8/ 70*8/ 60*10
DB Overhead Tri Push: R-L 12*10-12*10/ 12*8-12*8/ 11*8-11*8/ 10*8-10*8
Tri Push Down: 40*6/ 45*10/ 45*10/ 45*8

A DVD - Secrets of Core Training: "The Back Side" from dragondoor, one of the war booties from the US business trip, introduced safe dead lifts. This DVD has not been on the web shop, but on the paper catalogue. I asked the customer support so, they put the DVD into the box with other products.

No chart and just lectures and performances, so I do not think I get whole ideas. But it gave some hints to solve my long-time question, tilting palvis around the bottom of squat movements, which causes inappropriate flexion of lower back. I may introduce the points sometime later. I tried dead lifts from 6-inch-hight blocks first time, which gave no stress to the lower back. Yet very light, but the personal best.

Jul 18, 2008
Lat Pull Down: 40kg*8reps/ 35*9/ 35*8/ 30*9
Seated Row: 45kg*13reps/ 45*12/ 45*10/ 45*8
Dead Lift (15-cm height Block): 80kg*10reps/ 80*8/ 70*8/ 60*10
DBOH Tri Push: R-L 12*10-12*10/ 12*8-12*8/ 11*8-11*8/ 10*8-10*8
Tri Push Down: 40*6/ 45*10/ 45*10/ 45*8

久々のウェイトトレーニング -- Resuming Resistance Training


Flat BP: 54kg*9reps/ 50*8/ 47*5/ 45*5
Incline BP: 37kg*11reps/ 37*8/ 35*8/ 32*8
Flat DB Flies: 12kg(B)*11reps/ 12*8/ 11*10/ 11*7
DB Shoulder P: 9kg(B)*9reps/ 8.5*10/ 8.5*8/ 8*8
Side Laterals: 5kg(B)*8reps/ 4.5*8/ 4.5*8/ 4*8



・身長: 178.5cm
・体重: 81.8kg
・体脂肪率: 21.0% (by Tanita)
・胸囲: 105.0cm
・ウェスト 86.0cm



After I was on a relatively long business trip with poor nutrition for 10 days, I felt low energy inside. An oriental acupuncturist pointed out so two day ago. I hit some weights in the morning yesterday before work, I was shocked I was not able to lift than usual, even though taking yesterday's kettlebell into account. It is interesting I can know exact body and healthy condition through consistent training.

Flat BP: 54kg*9reps/ 50*8/ 47*5/ 45*5
Incline BP: 37kg*11reps/ 37*8/ 35*8/ 32*8
Flat DB Flies: 12kg(B)*11reps/ 12*8/ 11*10/ 11*7
DB Shoulder P: 9kg(B)*9reps/ 8.5*10/ 8.5*8/ 8*8
Side Laterals: 5kg(B)*8reps/ 4.5*8/ 4.5*8/ 4*8

Since I would like to increase upper body muscles, I will continue mass-up type training for a while. This is week 4 in a 6-week cycle training: 8-11 reps to fail, 60-second rest, and 4 sets.

Since the wights are so little, which makes me ashamed a bit, but anyway, this is for log. Below is another poor body measurement result.

- Height: 178.5cm
- Weight: 81.8kg
- Body Fat Rate: 21.0% (by Tanita)
- Bast: 105.0cm
- Waist 86.0cm

Compared to the first of the year, Weight +1.5kg, BFR no change, Bast no change, Waist -1.5cm. No big changes in figures. Japanese large size shirts become too tight these days, so I guess and hope the changes are beyond figures.

While Japanese eat eel against summer fatigue, Korean enjoy Samgyetang: soup with chicken stuffed with sticky rice, ginseng, dried dates, chestnuts. There are three eel days in Japan; there are three Samgyetang days in Korea. Both must have origins from Yin-Yang and the five elements or something. Coming Sat is the first Samgyetang day in this year, but a restrauran for Samgyetang was more than full today. Samgyetang, my first try in 3 years, tasted gentle and plain, yummy. Hope it help me regaining some energy in body.
初の本格的(?) Kettlebell トレーニング -- My First Real(?) Kettlebell Training


・Double-hand swing: 20 reps
・Single-hand swing: R/L 10/10 reps
・Clean: R/L 5/5
・Snatch: R/L 5/5
・Military Press: R/L 5/5
2 sets. All with a 16-kg kettlebell.



Since I took a day-off today, I have a lot of time for training. Naturally, I tried more kettlebell training than ever, not only a few swings and cleans. Of course, I did with caution not to do over train.


・Double-hand swing: 20 reps
・Single-hand swing: R/L 10/10 reps
・Clean: R/L 5/5
・Snatch: R/L 5/5
・Military Press: R/L 5/5
2 sets. All with a 16-kg kettlebell.

Maybe it took just 15 minites or some, I was totally soaked with sweat. I cannot remember this kind of thing in such a short time. Is this the KB effects?

Many memtioned calluses on palms on their blogs: had better file down to flat. In my case, I filed down calluses on the bases of middle, ring, and pinkie and was ready for kettle. However, I got blisters under the calluses... The hard skin is kind of floating on water, which may break or scale off soon...
ケトルベル初心者用アクセサリ -- Accessory for KB Beginner

タイケイさんのワークショップに参加した翌日、正確には当日の夜からだが鉄球をしこたま打ち付けた前腕部が腫れて痛い。これ何とかすべし、ということで、ケトルベルを入手する前から対策を練り始めた。結論として、長めのリストバンドを装着して衝撃を吸収すべし、と。駿河下Victoria Wardrobe館で「厚くて長いの」と聞いたところ、野球用がよかろう、とのこと。Under Armourの長いリストバンドを購入。背番号の刺繍か何かを貼るためにくぼみがついているのでそれを内側にしたほうがいいようデス。他メーカでも同じようなのがあった。なんとなくUnder Armourが一番厚そうなので、そちらを選択。これがボロくなる頃にはクリーン、スナッチの技術向上により、リストバンドは不要になる予定だ!



After joining Taikei's workshop at Shinjuku, I suffered from severe pains in my fore arms, which were attacked the red iron balls (I used red one, not black). Need a solution! Even before getting my own kettlebell, I started research. After intensive 30-second debate in my brain, reached a conclusion: list bands to absorb the shocks. Victoria Wardrobe Shop at Surugadai-shita recommended to go to the baseball floor. I selected one pair of Under Armour because it seems a bit thicker than other ones. There are thin square parts to put player's number embroideries or something, so better to put that part on the inside of the arms. When these list bands are wore out, I progress my technic of cleans and snatches enough with out their help.

When visited Ken's place, I confessed, "I almost cried from forearm pains after the workshop." Ken replied, "it is a good idea to buy list bands like baseball player use." Wow, my idea was exactly the same! I took out the list bands from my bag with proud.

BTW, the first aid for sprains and bruises is ICE (Ice, Compress, Elevate), which I learned in PE class of high school. I put elastic taping tapes around the about-to-swelling parts of my forearms, one wrap on the other, two rounds sum. It seemed easing up some pains, and caused less swell. Putting ice pack on that for occasions was even better. (They added R, Rest, and call it RICE. But you never stop exercises because of bruises.)
ケンさん直伝初心者メニュー -- Ken's Special for Beginners




1) 天使の輪 (Halo Exercise)

個人的には最初の 10 回位は柱やドアノブを手で持って、ゆっくりと沈み込み、
股関節の柔軟性を高めるような意識でやって、その後は 30 回なり


FlexibilityとJoint Mobilityなんて意識したことが、これを書くまで意識したことがなかったです。Flexibilityは筋肉と腱の柔軟性、Joint Mobilityは関節稼動性なのでどちらかというと靭帯に関係してくるのかなぁ、と思い、今日関節専門の医師に聞いたら「普通医者でもそんなもの気にする人はいないけど、それで正解」とのこと。

初心者用ベーシックメニュー 1段階


初心者用ベーシックメニュー 2段階



初心者用ベーシックニュー 3段階


I use a Zero Halliburton aluminum attache. When I carry it, I almost do clean or snatch with it these days. Getting creazy, not bad.

When I am at home, the sexy black bell seduces. I want to jump to it, want to lift immediately. But wait! I had better do warm-up exercises. The top priority is not to get injured.

Now the time for the secret arts transmitted directly from Ken, a RKC instracter, starting from warm-up.

Warm-up Exercises

Exercise to warm the body, rubricate joints, enhance flexibility and joint mobility

1) Halo
- Hold the kettlebell upside down with holding the handle with both hands.
- Keep the grips, keep the height of the bell from ground, move the bell
around the head.
- When the kettlebell comes behind the head, the handle comes upside.
- Clockwise, unti-clockwise.
- Repeat
- Especially effective to sholder, elbow, and list.

2)Body Weight Squats
- No special instraction about this.
I understand Ken meant so-called Hindu Squats.
But personally, I do first 10 reps slowly sit down with holding a pillar or
door knob with my hands to enhancing hip joints mobility. (He introduced
this during Q&A session.) Then, do 30 reps to warm up lower body parts.

3)Turkish Get Up
- No special instruction about reps.
I will start with 5 reps for each side. I now recognize that my only
kettlebell, 16 kg, is too heavey for me now. I may try with lighter dumbbell.

I have never pay attention to the differneces between "flexibility" and "joint mobility" until yesterday. "Flexibility" is from mustles and tendons, while "joint mobility" relates ligaments. I confirmed to a doctor specializing joints. He said even doctors do not care, but my guess is correct.
I did not know the meaning of "Halo", either. We will learn something everyday.

Basic Menu for Beginner -- Step 1

Clean Training
- It is OK to use the opposite hand for assistance
- First, start with low reps, high sets.
ex) 3-5 reps/ 3-5 sets
- Once getting accustomed, increase reps, decrease sets.

Basic Menu for Beginner -- Step 2

Clean Training
- Now must get accustomed, so more reps, less sets.
ex) 10 reps/ 1-2 sets

Snatch Training
- First, to start with low reps, high sets.
- Personally, I think it is good to call the following as one-unit rep:
one swing, one high-pull, and one snatch.

Basic Menu for Beginner -- Step 3

Can graduate beginner when you master this.

Circuit training (five sets):
- Swings (L/R: 30/30)
- Squats w/ holding a kettlebell
- Push Presses (L/R: 30/30)
- Rows (L/R: 30/30)

A huge gap from Step 2 to Step 3. Do not do 30-rep and 5-set circuit at the first trial. Gradually increase the reps and sets, and then reach the prescribed level.
ケン・ブラックさんに会ってきました! Visited Ken, Sakuramento!!
7月6日(日)新宿にて松下タイケイさん主催のケトルベルワークショップに参加させていただいた。興味はあったものの、ケトルベルを持ち上げるのは初めてという超ビギナーである(水道橋のFitness Shopで触ったことはあった)。ケン・ブラックさんがメインインストラクター、2mの巨人ジョン・バックリーさんがゲスト参加であった。

同じ週にアメリカカリフォルニアに出張が入っていたこともあり、ずうずうしくもサクラメントのケンさんの自宅へお邪魔したいと申し入れたところ、快諾いただいた。Wow! (人生短いから厚顔無恥でいくぜ!が最近の座右の銘である。)




I participated a kettlebell workshop conducted by Mr. Taikei Matsushita at Shinjuku on Sunday (July 6th). I had been interested in kettlebell training, but that was the first lift for me, an absolute biginner (I had "touched" a kettle bell at Fitness Shop, Suidobashi, though). Mr. Ken Black as the main instracter, and Mr. John Backley, a 2-meter giant!, as a guest instracter. (Hereafter, first name basis.)

I was going on a business trip to Calfornia, USA on the same week by a lucky chance. So I asked to come to Ken's home in Sacrament as bold as brass, he kindly accepted. Wow! ("Life is short, don't be shy" is my recent motto.)

After my thoughts "there is no traffic jam at US freeways" were broken down, three-hour-and some trip took me to Ken's home almost on time thanking for the GPS car navigation device (I mistakenly went to a workishop venue once, though). It went without saying I carried my brand new RKC 16-kg kettlebell.

I felt a bit sorry because he was just back from his trip from Japan one day before my visit but supper happy to meet him again at his home. I won glory to be the second Japanese guest to his home following Taikei! The area was so beautiful residence area with lots of green. I have to remember the poor quality of life in Japan and Korea...

Ken subscripted a training menu to me, a rather aged begineer. Maybe little demand for this, but let me share for the people like me with the next entry.

Funky President

Author:Funky President
2007年秋からウェイトトレーニング、2008年夏からケトルベルを始めました。が、ケトルベルの前から肘を痛めており、悪化に伴い腕を使うトレーニングは10月から完全封印。11月末、よく調べたら肘の痛みは頸から来ているということが発覚。2009年2月頭より晴れてリハビリライトケトルベルトレーニング再開~!2009年10月、BIKE FRIDAY New World Tourist "Funky President 2009"号を入手。自転車も乗っています。...と、今度は右膝痛め、なんだかな...。落ち込まないためにトレンクルをオークションで落札ぅ!

Male, Born in 1966, Japanese living in Kerea.
Not good at sports in childhood, which caused inferiority complex. Keeping slight workout off and on, now average physical appearance and ability at my age. Trying to be excellent look and ability in 50s and 60s. "Persistence pays off. So don't give up. Just keep trying!"
Started resistance training in fall, 2007, and kettlebell in summer 2008. However, due to elbow pains which started before kettlebell, stopped any training using arm from Nov, 2008 to Jan, 2009. Now on rehab training with light KBs.
Good at ski (JSA 1st Grade), experianced in tennis, snowboard, golf, basketball, etc.
Got a BIKE FRIDAY's New World Tourist in Oct, 2009. Ride is fun. Now, suffering from knee pains in the right knee. To avoid getting into a negative mode, won a small bike in an auction! Yahoo!

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