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歩け歩け -- Walk This Way

Got out with a waliking counter first time in a year or so. Walked to Itaewon, where is popular among foreginers. From my place, two station - transfer - two station by subway. I thought I walked quite long, but it did not reach 10,000 steps. Around four years ago, I usually walked round trip between Ueno and Suidobashi, sometimes extended to Nippori. So 10,000 steps was nomal and sometimes reached 20,000. When the elbow and neck get recovered, I may start rehab with walking.
頸牽引等とカイロ -- Neck Tractkion and Ciropractic

土曜は物理治療の後、本元の医者へ。頚椎注射後、また体外衝撃波療法(extracorporeal shock-wave therapy:ESWT)の痛みぶち込んだ後、同じ建物内のカイロプラクティック科へ。この先生、米国で資格を取ってきたようで、白衣等でなくタイ姿。説明も明確で得心。


On Thu and Sat, physical therapy for the elbow, and Fri for Neck.

After Sat PT, went to the hospital again. Got an injection into neck, and painful ESWT. Then the doctor introduced a ciropractor.

The ciropractor, he studied in US, wore shirt and tie, it is not usual at leaset in Japan. His explatanion was very clear and easy to understand. He adviced me not to use keyboard for a while. So blog will be simple for a while.
それで物理療法 -- And Phisical Therapy




Got the first phisical therapy on Thu. After interview, the doctor said one day for the elbow and the next day for neck for a while.

Starting with elbow. The contents are as follows.
- Hot pack
- Electric therapy
- Ultra sonic therapy
- Light massage
I have experiance hot packs and electric therapy a lot, nothing is new. Ultra sonic therapy naturally came without sound or vibration, so no feeling. Massage was just massage.

Tomorrow is for the neck. Hope something interesting.

After warming the elbow with the hot pack, I walked under chilly night. LOL
蜂毒11回目...とかいっている場合ではない? -- 11th Bee-Poison Injection, but...

最近東方医療クリニックで可能性を指摘されていて「え?」と思っていたところをズバリと。頸がダメらしい。で、X-RAY(肘、頸、胸、腰)、CT Scan(頸)で被爆した後、超音波(肘)と、豪華検査オンパレード。脛骨5番目と6番目、だと思うが、この間隔がとても狭い。また、後ろの方に突起ができていてこれが神経にあたっている。この神経の弱まりが肘にも影響していると。5cm以上もある針で頸深くに抗炎症財、もう二度とゴメンだった電気ショック治療を肘に。



The 11th bee-toxin injection on Monday. The Oriental Clinic was introduced by a Korean colleague at office. Another recommended and took me a doctor who takes care of Korean Soccer National Team.

After an intervew on pain and treatment history, the doctor diagnosed possible problems in the neck, which the oriental clinic doctor pointed out these days. Then went under some exams: X-ray (elbow, neck, upper and lower body), CT scan (neck), and ultrasonographic examination (elbow). The distance between the 5th and 6th discs is very narrow; the edges of the discs have deformed to sharp and push nerves. Jargons: osteoarthritis of the spine and spinal canal stenosis. This hurted nerve caused the elbow problem.

Got an injection of anti inflammation with a 3-inch-long needle.(!) Then, the unfavorite electro shockwave treatment; how to say, metalic pains ran through nerves from elbow...

Action items:
- to go physical therapies every day
- to come to the hospital on Sat
- to keep good posture through day (place head back with pull-in chin, which chokes me)
- to strengthen neck muscles with isometrics
- to sleep on low pillow
- not to sleep on sides
- If above does not work, go under surjery. (NO!)

I'd better work on Egoscue seriously...
ネットにとじた人へ -- To a Guy Closed in Net


So what?




Nov 23, 2008

Walking: 60 mins.
Janda Shit-up: 10reps*2sets

I changed the blog setting to accept English-only messege. For that I need to kill authorization by picture. After then, the number of junk message increased, but below is something differnet from usual junk. After I wrote Pocky Day in Korea, there came a secret comment, which only the owner (I) can read. I opened controling my heart beats...

From No Name

Japanese nationalily is not mean Japanese always.
You should state XX-Japanese to make it clear.

So what?

He/she may have sent this reading my profile says "Japanese". Thank you so much. The right response is delete and ignore, but I put here because it is so ridicurous. LOL. Sorry I cannot meet your expectation, but my ancestors as far as I know are Japanese-Japanese. But what does it mean? If we get back 2000 years, CJK will be mixture.

50,000 years ago, you and me were in a same family. I feel like dizzy...

We had a little snow in Seoul last week, but it seems warm this week.
蜂毒治療10回目 -- 10th Bee Poison Injection


The 10th memorial injection of bee toxin on Thrursday. Three into neck back, four into upper back, and each side of the left elbow. Since I remember the doctor said it would take ten times or so, I asked a friends, who is a bilingual.

Some get cured after three shots, but in my case, not only elbow but the shoulders and neck have problem. So it takes time. Three to six months in total. Darn.
寒い! -- So Cold!



Been a business trip to Japan about a week. Too busy to write blog.

When I arrived in Japan, I almost sweated and felt the differnce in temparature in Tokyo and Seoul. Today, it was cold in Japan, too, but Seoul is really cold. To my surprise, the highest temparature was zero and the lowest was minus seven. Sharply dropped like stock prises in one week. Need to be careful not to catch a cold.

Still the elbow pains continue. A business trip is not good because I have to carry heavy stuff with both hands. I am feeling it is difficult to cure in this year.
蜂毒注射9回目 -- 9th Bee Toxin Injection


I moved to Japan in Thursday night. Before that, I got the 9th bee-poison injection.
3 near back of neck, 4 to back center, and 2 to the elbow.

If you found a strange man in Keihin Kyuko Train pushing and shaking his back onto wall or door,it's me. Too itchy to stand still.
ポッキーの日 in 韓国 -- Pocky Day in Korea

韓国のポッキー風菓子はペペロ by ロッテ(笑)




It is really difficult to wrote today's topic in English. It is about similar sweet snacks in Japan and Korea. They are chocolate-coated pretzel. Ezaki Guriko sells Pocky in Japan, while Lotte sells Pepero in Korea. (Seems like Lotte imported the idea from Japan. Lotte's founder is Korean and started business in Japan, which is very successful. Later, Korea government invited Lotte to promote domestic industry. Lotte has succeeded in Korea, too.)

Place four Pocky or Pepero, it looks like 11 11 -> November 11. So Nov 11 is Pocky Day in Japan and Pepero Day in Korea.

Lotte promoted Pepero Day very well, so Nov 11 is one of the most important days for sweets companies and shops. You can find various Pepero and its family and enemies all over the country.
くせのないヤツ -- Flat Taste Guy



Walking 30 minutes.

When I want to add sweet taste, I never use artificial sweetener or refined sugar. Raw brown sugar, bought around a year ago, has been consumed very little. FYI, if you are offered coffee when you visit a Korean company, the secretary 95-% brings coffee with sugar and cream. Be careful. I do not hate sweet stuff; I take sugar in sweets.

When I want sweeten brown bread or protain shake, I usually use mayple syrup. But I found something interesting and got one blue agave syrup. It is made from the same plant as Tequila.

As ad is going, "Natural sweetness, fresh after taste". I miss the strong flavor of mayple syrup.

Foods or persons of too mild is tasteless.
予想外 蜂毒 8回目 -- Unexpected 8th Bee Poison




Went to the clinic for the elbow pain treatment.

I expected an injection to the left elbow, but got bloodletting in the elbow and and a bee-poison injection into behind the neck (or lower). I'd say "it is an oriantal magic!" when I recovered.

After the treatment, I was invided for a marriage service and party, I joined first time for Korean style bridal. In Korean the majority of the younger generation are Christians while the elder are Buddhists. So the service follows the Church style with a wedding dress and cutaway, but the broom bowed to parents down on his knees. It is interesting to find the differnces in cultures.

After photo taking sessions, meal. Different from typical Japanese style wedding parties, frea seating and prepared-on-table food. Hot soup was served later.

Somehow recovered from the cold.
言葉の壁を... -- Broke Language Barrier


This is not an entry on language learning.

It was impossible to comment in English, and it required Japanes ability to comment. I had complains about them. However, it turned out that it is a matter of setting. Sorry, FC2, you are great.

Changed the setting. (But I don't know how many people need English...)
未だ個性ナシ -- Kill Yourselves, Youngsters




So bad condition due to a cold.

I visited Japan in the beginning of October.

A lot of young women in black walking in the airport surprised me. Then in the city, there were many women with black suits, wide collar white blouses, natural color hoses, black low pumps, similar hair styles... Though I am a bit fetish to uniform (?), I was puzzled due to too many of them.

Eureka! It is the day of release from the agreement on recruitment. Japanese companies are still doing this kind of thing, and supposed excellent youngsters follow it killing their personalities... I already gave up to worry the future of Japan.

Over the sea, a black man is being the President. The more diversity, the more competitiveness.
蜂毒注射 7回目 -- 7th Bee Poison Shot


Night, November 5, 2008
20-min Walking

On Tue, went to the clinic and got the 7th bee poison injection into the left elbow. I may have gotten resistance to that, less swells and less burning feelings in the arm.

Sometimes feel getting better, sometimes getting worse. I hope recovering with zig-zag.

A cold feeling continues. Headache and abnormal heart beats yesterday. Walked a bit for active rocovery (?) at night, but went to bed early.
おめでたダイエット -- Crazy Diet

「バナナダイエット」ブーム 1か月ほどで終焉、売上通常に




I introduced another crazy banana diet a week ago. A Japanese article reported the boom is getting end. (BTW, this was introduced in Men's Health Magazine USA.)

Just beside the article "Banana Diet about to End after One Month Boom; Sales Returns Normal", there is an ad below.


Want to Get Fit in "5 Days"!
Secret Diet☆Just before Date →

The history will be repeated.

Anyway, I envy your 6 packs, man. Since I know you did not get them with the way the ad shows, I respect your effort! I cannot respect you because you use them to deceive people.

I also have no-synmetrical abs like the photo, but they are getting hard to be seen. Am I losing my vision, or... A meeting is planned till close 24:00. Likely difficult to train today, too.
蜂毒治療6回目とお買いもの -- 6th Bee Poison Injection and Shopping




On Satarday, thinking of the workshop in Tokyo, went to the clinic for the elbow. Still a bit swelled, but got the 6th bee poison jnjection. The elbow felts warm and itchy through the day, which is uncomfortable.

Now JPY is very strong against KRW. Even though I did not complete my body transform (actually stepping back...), it is already difficult to find shirts with perfect fitting. So I went out to order some shirts. Visted Itaewon, where locates near a US base and is popular among foreginers. A pattern order shirt costs 3,000JPY and some in average; good prices. Suits are available, but it is better to wait the transformation.

After that, I wanted to visit Jongro 5 ave., famous for medical market, but I was not able to find. Anyway I found a medical equeipment store and got a set of home cupping equipment. 8 china, 8 plastic cups and a hand pump costs 3,050JPY. It is one third cheaper than that is available in Japan (but made in Korea). Very competitive. Shall I start business?

The result of home cupping was so signifcant; will be introduced someday...
本格ケトルベル映画公開中 -- Kettlebell Movie in Japan

Fure fure W500






スウィングガールズ スタンダード・エディションスウィングガールズ スタンダード・エディション


(2008年11月2日 日韓虚報)

Sat, Nov 1, 2008
Walked for two hours for shopping.

Sun, Nov 2, 2008
While lots of KB blogers in Japan was enjoying the workshop, I just worked. Tired...
Want to do something good for health...

A movie "Hooray-hooray Girl" hit the market and got popular in Japan. Hooray-hooray, in Japan Hure-hure, is the same pronouciation as Swing! Swing! The main actor, Yui Aragaki aka Gakkey, is said to keep swinging Kettlebells in the movie.

Fure fure W500

The story is like other movies like "Shiko Funjatta."、"Water Boys", starting something reluctantly, but later hooked to them. This time, Kettlebell seemes selected as the theme.

Kettlebells, having long history in Russia or Asian countries, called Girya in Russia. In the USA, they named it Kettlebell from its shape, a iron ball with a handle.

Some early adaptors have been absorbed in it, but the presense of Kettlebells in Japan was quite minor. Now the time in Japan Kettlebell training finally breaks.

According to the first Japanese KB instracter, Mr. Mike Matsushieta, he has been getting too many inquiries for workshops and lessons.

"Some reported Swing Girls" is the origin of Kettllebell movies in Japan, but not confirmed yet.

Swing Girls - Standard EditionSwing Girls - Standard Edition
Juri Ueno

Check the detail

November 2, 2008 Japan-Korea Daily Bougus


偶然か -- Coinsidence?

先のエントリで J.Geils Band の Whammer Jammer (Full House - J. Geils Band 収録) のことを書いたが、原稿下書きは日本でフィニッシュ。


ハンコック (ウィル・スミス 主演)ハンコック (ウィル・スミス 主演)


なーんーとー、いきなりオープニングでWhammer Jammerかかってます。凄い偶然だ。これは偶然なのか?読んだことないけど、これが引き寄せの法則ですか?(たぶん意味が違う)



Morning, November 1, 2008

Egoscue e-size for elbow pains

Changed the template of the blog since the Halloween was over.

Wrote about Whammer Jammer by J.Geils BandFull House - J. Geils Band in the previous entry. Actually, I drafted in Japan.

Then, in the flight getting back to Seoul, Korea, I by chance watched a movie "HANCOCK" starring Will Smith.

HANCOCK (Will Smith)HANCOCK (Will Smith)
(Net yet on sale as of the end of Oct, 2008)

Check the detail

To my BIG surprise, Whammer Jammer cames on play in the beginning of the movie!! Except in my house, it was my first time to listen to that music. Wow!! What a lucky chance! Is this coincidence? Is this The Law of Attraction (I have never read about that; think it has different meanings).

The movie itself, I enjoyed the story with unexpected twists.

Today, they have David's Workshop in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Looks great; envy...

Funky President

Author:Funky President
2007年秋からウェイトトレーニング、2008年夏からケトルベルを始めました。が、ケトルベルの前から肘を痛めており、悪化に伴い腕を使うトレーニングは10月から完全封印。11月末、よく調べたら肘の痛みは頸から来ているということが発覚。2009年2月頭より晴れてリハビリライトケトルベルトレーニング再開~!2009年10月、BIKE FRIDAY New World Tourist "Funky President 2009"号を入手。自転車も乗っています。...と、今度は右膝痛め、なんだかな...。落ち込まないためにトレンクルをオークションで落札ぅ!

Male, Born in 1966, Japanese living in Kerea.
Not good at sports in childhood, which caused inferiority complex. Keeping slight workout off and on, now average physical appearance and ability at my age. Trying to be excellent look and ability in 50s and 60s. "Persistence pays off. So don't give up. Just keep trying!"
Started resistance training in fall, 2007, and kettlebell in summer 2008. However, due to elbow pains which started before kettlebell, stopped any training using arm from Nov, 2008 to Jan, 2009. Now on rehab training with light KBs.
Good at ski (JSA 1st Grade), experianced in tennis, snowboard, golf, basketball, etc.
Got a BIKE FRIDAY's New World Tourist in Oct, 2009. Ride is fun. Now, suffering from knee pains in the right knee. To avoid getting into a negative mode, won a small bike in an auction! Yahoo!

Reps (?)