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右肘快方へ、か? - Right Elbow under Recovery (?)
今週は右肘の痛みが軽い。月曜日でこれならば快方に向かっていると思われ、この調子ならば後2週間ほどで痛みもなくなり KB も普通にやって問題なくなりそうな気がする。

- 久々のテニスで強く握りすぎ
→ できるだけゆるくグリップするようにした
- 手首を曲げる筋肉と上腕二頭筋が硬直していた
→ 前腕~上腕二頭筋を緩める各種運動を実施
- クラッシックラケット(Prince Graphite 初代)を使っていた
→ 新しいラケットに低いテンションでガット張る
- 早めにちゃんとした医者に行く
- 氷で冷やしたり、お湯で温めたり

Monday, Jun 29, 2009

Office training only.

Less elbow pains on Monday despite three lessons in the weekend. If the pains are this light on Monday, the injury is recovering and I guess and hope no pain in two weeks and no problem with normal KB trainings.

Something worked possibly:
- Hit with too strong grip
-> Trying to grip as weak as possible
- List flexors and biceps were tight
-> Some exercise to loosen arm and upper arm.
- Used a classic racket (First Prince Graphite)
-> Changed. The string tention is the lowest in my life
- Visited a proper doctor before too late
- Ice and hot packs

MJ Dead
マイケルジャクソン死去。もちろんジェイムズ・ブラウンやレイ・チャールズや忌野清志郎の死に比べれば個人的にはなんということもないが、一時代を築いた人でした。鼻が高くない頃の I'll be there, ABC などが好きだが、高校の時の Off the Wall から Thriller まであたりはプロモーションビデオも含め革命的だった。当時みんな金もなく、レコードを回したり貸しレコード屋で借りてテープに録音したもんだ。

Jul 28, 2009
Two tennis sessions.

Michael Jackson died. For me, it is nothing compared the shocking deaths of James Brown, Ray Charles, or Kiyosihro Imawano. But the man made a time, anyway. I love "I'll be there" or "ABC" era songs without a tall nose. Anyway, "Off the wall" to "Thriller" including promotion videos are revolution. I was a highschool boy!


虫さされ - Bug's Bite

So week against bug's bites. I still have some marks of what I got a year ago in Hokkaido. Probably, they will never disappear. Even moskito's bites make my skins swollen up to more than inch in diameter. Moskitos in Korea are tougher than Japanese? Or the electric incecticides are poor? Anyway, they are vigorous everyday. I woke up due to itchy and found three bites. I got seven on my arms, hands, and a leg in a few days... Each one of them are terrible. Someone, help me!

久々に病院へ - Hospital Visit

A colleague cut his muscle tissues around an elbow. Since he was going to the hospital I went to cure my left elbow, I accompanied him for my right. X-ray and ultrasound diagnosis. Slight inflamation in the end of a tendon and no broken part. No tennis? However... After another painful electro shockwave treatment (ESW), went chiro to loosen the elbow.





プロ根性 - Professionalism


Office Training, only

Watched a traditional Koean dance show. A colleague gave me tickets; the performer is a top class. Embarressingly, since I have never watched a traditional Japanese dance, I cannot compare. The sophisticated hand-and-arm expressions are so impressive. Kim Yona, a champion figure skater, may have learned something from such dances.

Aftet the 1st session, the stage turned into dark, and she withdrew to the side. I found that she dragged her foot. I was surprised she had danced under such condition... Saw professionalism. Amature is so easy for anyway. If you get hurt, you can rest as you like. But sometimes it is difficult for the stupid.
サイクル - Cycle


・Dr. Elbowなどサポーター

Babolat Aero Pro DriveBabolat Aero Pro Drive








Pains in the right elbow from weekend tennis
Little pains aound Thu
Play again in week end

In stupid spirals. All the KB training these days are Dead Lifts (2*24kg) and Double-handed Swings (24kg).

Anti tennis elbow prescription:
- Right forms
- Hitting with the sweet spot
- More gentle racket
- Lower string tention
- Elbow brace like Dr. Elbow
- Warming up and stretching after plays
- RICE after plays
First two are most important, but not easy immediately.

Anyway, I got a new racket.

Babolat Aero Pro DriveBabolat Aero Pro Drive
To my surprise, Dunrop sells in Japan

Product detail

My image to Babolat is a natural string maker for professionals, but their rackets seem to get faburous reputations now. Because a shock-absorbing material between handle and throte looks good for the elbow, I chosed this from my friend's recommendation. After buy, I found some say it is a difficult one, but I felt easieer than my 20-year-old racket.

Dr. ElbowDr. Elbow

Recognized as a medical equipment in some EU countries

Product Detail

The elbow brace is from ten yeas ago or so; supported me during the left elbow pains, too.

Sometimes put kinesio tape, too.

低空飛行 - Low Altitude Flight


Less elbow pain in the right comparing to last week, likely because only one and short lesson on Sun. But anyway some pains: full flex of the right arm causes a pain in deep, and full pronation results in a pain in the inside tendon of elbow. I think it will recover naturally, but the worst case is tendonosis in the right when the left is getting out of the long tunnel...

So, recently I only do DLs and Double-handed Swings at office. I now understand the idea that the swing is the center of the world. If I can do 50-rep 24kg single-handed swings, I will never drop a KB while 16kg snatches.
自転車プロジェクト発動 - Project Bicycle Started




折りたためてちゃんと使える自転車を探したところ、BIKE FRIDAY というのがよさそうだ。



妻はこれの青バージョンという感じだが、こちらのブログ の白ベースの青が具体的イメージ。写真だけちょっとお借りします。



冠婚葬祭 - Social Events

Back home around one in the morning from a funeral wake of a colleague's father. After 12 hours of it, a wedding ceremony will start. An adult will be busy. I keep training on weekdays at office anyway, but yesterday was off, except GTG-like a few sets of push ups.
雨 - Rain

I was looking forward to trying the new racket today, but the rain interfared. So sorry. But I was kind of busy last week, so rest is good. After Korean language institure, I came back to home and slept. Due to a funeral, I am going out.
最悪スポーツ - Worst Sport

Tennis is not so good sport because of ansymmetric movement. But one of the worst in that sence is bowling. Ansymtetry with heavy stuff. Today we have company bowling event. I just wanted to watch and cheer, but due to abcense of someone, I had to play. Well, if I do, I have fun. After getting back home, lunges and side swings as if I did bowling with my left hand. Balanced a bit?
Update to iPhone OS 3.0

iPhone 3G のファームウェア「iPhone OS 3.0」が日本の18(木)早朝にリリースされた。朝起きてアップデート。おそらくアクセス集中のためなかなかつながらず。5度目位で成功。最初はいろいろ問題あるでしょうが、テキストのコピペができるようになったなど嬉しい。

Office training (24kg KB D-handed Swing and Double 24kg DL) only these days.

A first entry on a nurdy thing?

iPhone OS 3.0, a new iPhone 3G firmware, was released in the early moring, Thu (JST). I did it on my waking up. Due to probable too many access, hard to get that started, but with the 5th try, I succeeded. I expect some troubles after big upgrade like this, but pleased with something like cut-and-paste.

スピード違反取り締まり - Speed Rader



No KB due to elbow pain (right)

The speed raders on roads in Korea are as preventative measures. New car navigation systems warn you points of raders and speed limit. If the police put a rader where they find many accidents because of over speed, everyone slow down, which causes less accidents. This is very smart aproach.

In Japan, I feel like the purpose is to get some money. The traffic police should be evaluated by how their area have less accidents, rather than how many tickets they issue...

Can't Stop It


Night, Jun 14, 2009

30-min tennis lesson

Went to the acupuncture clinic on Fri. "So-so on the left elbow, but I have some pains in the right due to long-time-no-see tennis..." She acupunctured the left arm, leg and foot, almost symmetric as usual does on the right. Finishing with blood bleeding on the inside of the right elbow, she said "do not play tennis for a while."

Well, I played tennis on Sat and Sun. I am getting where I should hit with forehand strokes, which I had completely forgot. It is a big fun to play. I think and hope the pain is just because my elbow got surprized to meet tennis from some years ago.

バッキーン - Fined




Morning, Jun 14, 2009
20-min tennis lesson

Night, Jun 14, 2009
30-min tennis lesson

Morning and night, the coaches are different. One hits gently, while the other hits hard. Gentle and slow balls are more difficult. Probably because of lack of my basic skills.

An envelope to office. A document with car photos and invoice in it. Judging from the date, it was when I drove the company car. Maybe due to May 1st, the labor day, the man at the parking lot was off. So I parked in from of the building for 30 minutes or so.

Recently in Seoul, they take pictures pireodically over streets (google agent? LOL). The place was an area no more parking than 5 minutes. The sneder is not the police but the city government.

No point less, but just charging fine. 32,000KRW is not so expensive. A smart way to get money.

The differnces in speed rader between Japan and Korea are interesting. Next time, maybe.

腹筋 - Abs

Stop Doing Sit-Ups: Why Crunches Don't Work

Timeと並ぶ米国のニュース雑誌 Newsweek の関係らしい。私も本を持っている Dr. Stuart McGill も登場している(タイケイさんのブログにも何度も登場)。




Jun 10, 2009
Office training only...

Wrote again and again, but I want to avoid any risk to back injuries. I found an entry to newsweek blog.

Stop Doing Sit-Ups: Why Crunches Don't Work

Dr. Stuart McGill, I have one of his book, is also on the article.

- Abs brace the spine with other core muscles
- Natural use of abs is to keep the natural curve of the spine, with other core muscles
- Forget about crauches and shit-ups (a.k.a. crunches and sit-ups) which stress spine
- Push-ups are good ab training

etc. Another clue supports the hard style is good for the back.

Looking at extraordinally flexibilties of figure sk8ers or gymnasts, some people are strong against dangerous movements. But I do not take risks. I am not earning money out of it.

タイケイ II - Taikei II




Jun 9, 2009
Light office training only.
And 2 min free swings, cleans, snatches, presses, and aquats.

(continued from yesterday)

So, it is difficult to find a jackets from pret-a-porter. Since I wanted a light jacket wearing at office, I went to an easy-order tailor near office. They have a tack-and-fit step, which usual Japanese easy-order shops never do.

As they finished tacking during my business trip last week, I visited and checked the fitting. The V-zone looks like U-zone because the chest is tooooo tight. We had difficulties to communicate due to languages, but it was obvious. They said they were going to fix, but I doubt it. A very high lesson fee...

タイケイ - Taikei



Jun 8, 2009
Office training only

This is not about Mr. Taikei Matsushita, but about body shape (Japanese: 体型).

Since my bone frame of upper body is large, I look great even with little muscle and power. Pulling the shoulder blades together and protruding the breast bone, which I try these days, my body goes out of the standard body shape. I have been looking for a light jacket for tennis, but none of them fit to my chest (usually, they only sell up to LL=O).

I recognize sports outfit these days are desined as slim fit, but it surprised me that I (not super-muscular) cannot find ones fitting for me. None of rugby and American football players can find their wear at all!

今日もテニスのみ - Tennis Only Again

Following yesterday, only tennis. A little pain in the right elbow. Have not played tennis for long time, wrong swing forms, many off-the-center hits must cause this. If it continues, I have to do something. Better to change the 20-year old racket. Anyway, doing sports is fun.


先週は - Last Week

Night, Jun 6, 2009

Tennis lesson: 30 mins.

Little training last week. During the business trip to Japan, as it was rainy, I did not want to carry the KB in that condition. Getting back to Korea on Sat and went to tennis.

テニスやろ - Tennis



Jun 2, 2009

Only office training.

Increased tennis lessons: once a week -> three times a week. I was asked to join a tennis club, but my level is far below.

Did the first lesson with a new instructor. He hit hard and many. So severe muscle pains in the right arm. From the view point of FMS, which hates asymmetry, tennis might not be a recommendable sport, but I like it.

A business trip to Japan from tonight.

月末身体測定 - Monthly Masurement

身体測定(6月1日) Masurement (Jun 1)
体重 (Weight): 82.9kg
体脂肪率 (BFR): 20.6%
筋肉率 (BMR): 34.3%
胸囲 (Chest): 106.5cm
臍回り (Waist): 88cm
尻周り (Hip): 97cm
二の腕 (Upper Arms): L/R -34.0/36.0 cm
腿(垂らした指先で測定) (Tighs): L/R -54.0/52.0 cm

身体測定(5月2日) Masurement (May 2)
体重 (Weight): 81.9kg
体脂肪率 (BFR): 21.6%
筋肉率 (BMR): 33.5%
胸囲 (Chest): 106.0cm
臍回り (Waist): 88.0cm
尻周り (Hip): 98.0cm
二の腕 (Upper Arms): L/R -34.0/36.0 cm
腿(垂らした指先で測定) (Tighs): L/R -53.0/52.0 cm

身体測定(3月31日) Masurement (Mar 31)
体重 (Weight): 82.2kg
体脂肪率 (BFR): 21.2%
筋肉率 (BMR): 33.4%
胸囲 (Chest): 104.0cm
臍回り (Waist): 89.0cm
尻周り (Hip): 97.5cm (New)
二の腕 (Upper Arms): L/R -34.0/36.0 cm
腿(垂らした指先で測定) (Tighs): L/R -53.0/52.5 cm

身体測定(2月28日) Masurement (Feb 28)
体重 (Weight): 81.8kg
体脂肪率 (BFR): 22.5%
筋肉率 (BMR): 32.9%
胸囲 (Chest): 104.5cm
臍回り (Waist): 88.0cm
二の腕 (Upper Arms): L/R -34.0/35.5 cm
腿(垂らした指先で測定) (Tighs): L/R -53.0/52.5 cm

身体測定(1月31日) Masurement (Jan 31)
体重 (Weight): 81.8kg
体脂肪率 (BFR): 23.4%
筋肉率 (BMR): 32.4%
腕含み胸回り (Chest+Arms): 126cm
胸囲 (Chest): 104cm
臍回り (Waist): 89cm

身体測定(新年1回目) Masurement (Year Biginning)
体重 (Weight): 82.7kg
体脂肪率 (BFR): 24.0%
腕含み胸回り (Chest+Arms): 124cm
胸囲 (Chest): 106cm
臍回り (Waist): 91cm

Jun 1, 2009

Only office training and Halo at home.


Funky President

Author:Funky President
2007年秋からウェイトトレーニング、2008年夏からケトルベルを始めました。が、ケトルベルの前から肘を痛めており、悪化に伴い腕を使うトレーニングは10月から完全封印。11月末、よく調べたら肘の痛みは頸から来ているということが発覚。2009年2月頭より晴れてリハビリライトケトルベルトレーニング再開~!2009年10月、BIKE FRIDAY New World Tourist "Funky President 2009"号を入手。自転車も乗っています。...と、今度は右膝痛め、なんだかな...。落ち込まないためにトレンクルをオークションで落札ぅ!

Male, Born in 1966, Japanese living in Kerea.
Not good at sports in childhood, which caused inferiority complex. Keeping slight workout off and on, now average physical appearance and ability at my age. Trying to be excellent look and ability in 50s and 60s. "Persistence pays off. So don't give up. Just keep trying!"
Started resistance training in fall, 2007, and kettlebell in summer 2008. However, due to elbow pains which started before kettlebell, stopped any training using arm from Nov, 2008 to Jan, 2009. Now on rehab training with light KBs.
Good at ski (JSA 1st Grade), experianced in tennis, snowboard, golf, basketball, etc.
Got a BIKE FRIDAY's New World Tourist in Oct, 2009. Ride is fun. Now, suffering from knee pains in the right knee. To avoid getting into a negative mode, won a small bike in an auction! Yahoo!

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