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夏休みは田畑プロトコルでキメ! - Best Training during Summer Vacation: Tabata Protocol
以前憧れのクロスフィットのWebをうろついていた時、Tabata Squat という耳慣れない種目が出てきた。でもタバタって日本語っぽい。海外のサイの情報によると、日本のナショナルチームのトレーニングのために田畑博士が考え出した、有酸素運動能力も無酸素運動能力も高めるというトレーニング手法でらしい。その後、タイケイさんのブログでも紹介されているのを発見。"tabata protocol"で検索すると海外のサイトでたくさん取り上げられているが、"田畑プロトコル"で検索してもあまりヒットしない。東芝のフラッシュメモリーみたいな感じである。








Morning, July 24, 2008

Kettlebell 16kg

Double-handed Swing: 30-30-30
Single-handed Swing: L/R 15/15-15/15
Snatch: L/R 10/10-7/7-5/5
Bent Over Row: L/R 5/5-5/5-5/5

Morning, July 25, 2008

KAATSU Arm Warming-up
- Clench-and-unclench hands: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)
- Curl: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)
- Extension: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)

KAATSU Arms Training
- DB Curl 1.5kg: 30-15-10 (10-sec rest between)
- DB Lateral Raise 1.5kg: 20-15-10 (10-sec rest between)
- Overhead Triceps Push: 1.5kg: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)

KAATSU Leg Training
- Clench-and-unclench toe: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)
- Toe-up and heel-up: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)

KAATSU Leg Training
- BW Squat: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)
- BW Calf Raise: 30-20-10 (10-sec rest between)
- BW Lunge: 30-24-20 (10-sec rest between)
(15-12-10 for each side)

Kettlebell 16kg

Double-handed Swing: 30-30-30
Single-handed Swing: L/R 10/10-10/10
Snatch: L/R 3/3-3/3-3/3

When I checked the yearning CrossFit web resouces, I ran into the alien phrase "Tabata Squat". Tabata sounds like Japanese. I checked several sites and found that it was introduced by Dr. Tabata, Japan. He developed this for Japan National Skate Team. This method enhance both aerobic and anearobic abilities in the same time. Later, I found it was introduced at Taikei's blog. Famous in the world, but not much in Japan. This reminded me of Toshiba flash memory.

8 sets of 20-sec sprint with 10-sec rests between sets. Summed up, 3 minutes and 50 seconds; wow, so short!

Self Trial Result (1.5 months ago)

Tabata Sprint: At school yard in neighborhood. At the four set, almost died... Not able to do real sprint, then. Even 80-90% speed will do for usual people.

Tabata Squat: High-speed body weight squats. I set the timer in G-SHOCK as 10 sec repeat. A CrossFit video shows a medicine ball under butts. This might be to avoid impacts to knee joints at full bottom, which may cause troubles. So I did half squats (I do not have a medicine ball.) Swing straight extended arms forward(standing) and backward (sitting). In my case, about 22 reps for 20 sec (The later, the less due to fatigue). Since I lost how many sets I did frequently, I place 4 small objects in left, move one of them to right one set finishes, and right to left from set 5. When four of them return to left, completed. Yes, it is hard, too. But by far more moderate than sprints.

Of course, three-minute or so warming up to raise the hart bit rate and cooling down are mandatory. Yet, it finishes in 10 minutes.

With Tabata Squat, no special equipment or large space is needed. So the best training during the summer vacation. We cannot excuse "no time for training" any more.

Thanks, Dr. Tabata! Bravo! (I have not confirmed the result yet, though.)


Funky President

Author:Funky President
2007年秋からウェイトトレーニング、2008年夏からケトルベルを始めました。が、ケトルベルの前から肘を痛めており、悪化に伴い腕を使うトレーニングは10月から完全封印。11月末、よく調べたら肘の痛みは頸から来ているということが発覚。2009年2月頭より晴れてリハビリライトケトルベルトレーニング再開~!2009年10月、BIKE FRIDAY New World Tourist "Funky President 2009"号を入手。自転車も乗っています。...と、今度は右膝痛め、なんだかな...。落ち込まないためにトレンクルをオークションで落札ぅ!

Male, Born in 1966, Japanese living in Kerea.
Not good at sports in childhood, which caused inferiority complex. Keeping slight workout off and on, now average physical appearance and ability at my age. Trying to be excellent look and ability in 50s and 60s. "Persistence pays off. So don't give up. Just keep trying!"
Started resistance training in fall, 2007, and kettlebell in summer 2008. However, due to elbow pains which started before kettlebell, stopped any training using arm from Nov, 2008 to Jan, 2009. Now on rehab training with light KBs.
Good at ski (JSA 1st Grade), experianced in tennis, snowboard, golf, basketball, etc.
Got a BIKE FRIDAY's New World Tourist in Oct, 2009. Ride is fun. Now, suffering from knee pains in the right knee. To avoid getting into a negative mode, won a small bike in an auction! Yahoo!

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